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Wild Flower Smudge Stick

The Wild-Flower Ceremonial smudge sticks were bundled during the waxing moon phase. The waxing moon is a time of transition from new to full, where the moon is slowly regaining its splendid fullness. It is a time to manifest and attract desires and wishes. It is a time used to manifest prosperity, luck, attract money and success, as well as, love and happiness. 

With the intention of the waxing moon, these bundles are intended to be burned at a ceremony where the union of two meet, where one becomes, birth,new home, transition into next phase of life. 

The Wild-flower smudge includes the following: 
  • Roses offer protection, healing and intuition.
  • Wild-flowers invoke the bounty of mother earth and grounding vibration.
  • Blue sage & white sage for clearing negative energy
  • Sweetgrass invokes gentleness, love and kindness

$ 32.00

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